View Full Version : Oak Orchard Creek/Lake Ontario/ Point Breeze today!

08-31-2006, 11:49 PM
Rumor has it some have caught some Kings just inside the creek..
at the breakwall. I did see some jumping in the creek by the boat launch,
so I am sure they are trickling in.

We...ok... the kids I went with caught bass and sunni's today!
me.. I caught one nice perch. I fished from 2pm - 8pm. and caught
ONE fish!! :(

Here is Celeste with a bass.. caught on a worm


here is a goby she caught.. she caught a lot of these critters...


This picture does not show it well... but the Lake was NASTY BROWN!
the Lake is on the left, and Oak Orchard is on the right...


here is the sun setting today.....



over all.. it was a nice day to be at the water's edge!