View Full Version : VHS what do we know about how the laws will impact Kinzua?

04-30-2007, 01:36 PM
Really would appreciate any solid information. This is what I think I know.

If fishing NYS water, you either have to use certified minnows or trap them in Kinzua lake or a feeder stream. You cannot, however, transport uncertified bait in a motor vehicle to Kinzua and fish NYS water. Regarding certified bait, there are certain requirements of proof beyond just having a receeipt that says "certified". The slip must be dated and is good for only 7 days, it must specify the type of minnow, the purchase qty, and the bait store where purchased. There may be other requirements.

Question: Does this mean I can trap minnows from the PA waters of Kinzua or a PA feeder stream and transport them in my boat to NYS water? I have no idea.

Question: How will the Seneca Nations address the issue?

04-30-2007, 02:17 PM
Some very good questions there Doubleheader.

Have the same questions myself. KAWA has a small post regarding this issue but only adresses EMERALD SHINNERS. I am wondering if this applies to suckers, leaches, crabs and other "creek baits".

If anyone has info... sure would be thankful.


04-30-2007, 03:12 PM
There is a ton of info on the NY DEC site. For specific questions, I would make a phone call and speak with someone directly.

All minnow species are covered but at this time I don't think they have put any restrictions on crayfish or leeches.

This has affected many tournaments this year. Due to the fact that we could not cross any state or international borders with live fish , we were limited to MI waters only for the MWC. I don't think this will become a law for Kinzua but anyone fishing Lake Erie should be aware of the law.

04-30-2007, 03:34 PM

You're right, there is a lot of info for NYS on the net regarding VHS, which is where I gathered what info I had. The problem is there is none I could find for Seneca Nations, and very limited for PA. In so much as this is a complicated issue, I have little faith in a bureaucrat providing a consistent interpretation, so I'll avoid them at my own peril. I would much rather trust any consensus coming from this board. It seems logical , however, that minnows trapped from a body of water (say PA Kinzua water) could be fished anywhere on that same body of water (Seneca Nations or NYS Kinzua). Based on NYS regs however, and their definition for a "body of water" and their transportation restrictions, it also appears that uncertified bait caught below the Kinzua dam cannot legally be used in NYS Kinzua waters. Just hoping others may have more solid info.

05-04-2007, 08:52 AM
I hope I'm wrong, but I believe the info on the KAWA website is inaccurate as well as my post regarding trapping minnows in KInzua. A friend of mine from Danville NY says it is illegal to transport anything but certified minnows across the state line into NYS. If he's correct, my earlier thinking that it would be okay to trap minnows in PA waters on Kinzua and transport them by boat to NYS water is in error. He also believes the Seneca Nations would be adhering to the NYS regulation.
If he's correct, and you are trapping minnows, you might want to make sure you trap them in NYS. My friend indicated that fines are being levied in NYS.