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05-01-2007, 06:16 PM
Watching this website and reading the posts bring back many memories. My wife and I spent many days camped below Kinzua on the Warren side, wading out onto the sandbar, throwing plugs for walleye, or standing on the wall dropping bait into the current. Of course we were newlyweds then (1970) and didn't mind the tent and sleeping bags. Then theres Chautauqua! My cousin Mike, my Dad, Brother Mark and I trolled the weedlines with June Bug spinners, Bear Paw crawler harnesses, Flatfish, Benos, and Mirrolures for the walleyes, and Creek Chub Pikies, Mirrolures, and Daredevils for the musky. We hammered the eyes and caught many musky over 40"! Just a 12 foot aluminum "V" with a 6 horse Johnson, back and forth from Long Point, over the ferry route, to where they were building the bridge piers. Trolled from sunrise to sunset, and at times sundown to sunrise. Since then, Dad (90) has Osteoporosis with 2 cracked vertabra, Cousin Mike moved to Noth Carolina, and Brother Mark doesn't fish anymore. So here I am, newly retired and ready to lose some tackle in the Allegheny River. I just hope that one day I'll be able to get back to Kinzua and Chatauqua and create new memories!

05-01-2007, 06:40 PM
Hi Paul...

wondering if this was you with a slightly different user name. Sorry to hear of your dads failing health, that is tough to deal with but glad you have great memories of past fishing trips.

You may or may not remember, we used to talk Chautauqua alot, don't fish it as much anymore as I'm chartering on Erie but hope to change that soon when I get retired. If you get up that way give me a shout, if I'm not tied up with a charterI'll have a seat for you.

Grizzly Gary
05-01-2007, 09:17 PM

As your post so clearly & lovingly demonstrates family & friends is what fishing & hunting is all about. The fellowship outweighs the catch or the kill. My most favorite Chautauqua & Kinzua Country memories are the times spent with family & friends. The best stories are about the big one that got away or the dumb/funny thing someone did in the woods or on the water.

Don't get me wrong as the Hawg fish or big buck stories have their place also but I think the biggest belly laughs I have enjoyed were on the days we got skunked.

Kinzua & Chautauqua Country is some of the most beautiful and productive fishing & hunting country in the world! You name it, we got it here.

I also congratulate you on your retirement, lucky dog, and inform you that there is also an empty seat in my boat on many occassions. You are welcome to fill it.

I just hope that you do not approach hunting & fishing as analyticaly as you did the 20" Walleye contest!?!? :lol: I am still trying to figure out how you arrived at your date and time? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Bryan Hoffner
05-02-2007, 06:00 AM
I agree whole heartedly here, the rememberances of all the good old times on the water and afeild are great. And as gary said the deap down laughs from the bottom of the belly stories are the ones that keep us going most often.

I was just reminded of a few last evening at R&B up the road from the house over a few coctails. Couldn't stop laugh, in fact laughing again right now, hey I think most of them stories were at my own expense!!

Pauleye58, same here on the boat thing, I have alot of days I'm looking for company on the Lund and everyones busy or the wife said no. So I fish alone for the day.

Hey, a day that could possibly be another show stopper, you, Gary and I on a trip to either lake. I've had Gary on my boat showing my super duper secret spots before and it was a hoot. Except that he out fished me on my own boat!!! I just wish he'd loosen up every now and again.

05-02-2007, 10:31 AM
Thanks for the invites guys! And, by the way, it is me Gilligan. I was going to mention in my post that we had planned on meeting at Chatauqua a number of years ago, but thought you might not remember. And Gary, the formula I used to pinpoint the time for your first 20, was also used by NASA during the Mars probe launchings. They needed to figure out how long the leeches would live in outer space. Bryan, I thought only Al Lindner plugged Lund boats. Only kidding, sounds like you have the perfect setup. Again, thanks for the invitations. I'm basically free anytime, so drop me a PM if any of you want to drag a few harnesses or lift and drop a few jigs. Just give me a date and I'll be there! Best of luck this weekend! I'll be looking for your posts next Monday, and I'll post my river results then also.