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05-17-2007, 09:27 AM
Folks –

I am going to post these questions on a couple of sites to get feedback from all over.

Have only just started hunting again within the last five years because I had given it up thinking my disability wouldn’t allow it. Just got certified again to hunt with a bow in NY State. I either misplaced or discarded my previous certification and bow stamps. My bow hunting last time was done with a recurve; yeah, I’m really an old f***.

Don’t know a lot about compounds but I need to learn fast for this fall. I am on a very limited income and need to be conscious about getting the most for my money. Looking at ads, I see many manufacturers offer hunting packages for their bows. Before I approach an archery shop to fire some, I’d like to know which brand to try and still keep within my budget. This will determine which shop to visit. I figure to spend about $500.00 for a package that will last me a long while. I can save that up over the next few months and still have time to practice before fall.

I will be sitting in a blind so thinking about a 32” bow. A quick measurement of my draw length was done at 27.5” and considering the let off, should probably shoot about 60# so as not to use an adaptive device. Has anyone bought a bow that came with a package they are very happy with? If responding, please give me an idea of the kind of rest, sights, quiver, and other items that came along. Is a stabilizer a must have item? What other “extras” would you suggest? Aluminum or composite arrows? Which broadheads and weight do you like? Am I going about this correctly or should I visit a shop first? I would appreciate your input.

By the way, I’m always looking for an accessible place and new friends to hunt turkey and deer close to this area. Need a new hunting buddy?


05-17-2007, 11:49 AM
Rob, I would definitely visit a knowledgeable and respected shop. I'm sure that they can set you up with everything you will need. They will make sure that the equipment fits you and that alone will make shooting more fun.

05-17-2007, 12:29 PM
First get a bow that feels good to you. I personally like the signle cam bow as it is very forgiving. Second I have hunted with both Aluminum and Carbon. Bang for the buck it's Carbon Arrows for me. The last much longer and perfom very well. Aluminum Arrows over time can loose there spine from normal daily practice. This used to drive me crazy. I have shot several deer with carbons, no issues. Two seasons ago I shot a Doe, Small Buck and a Turkey all with the same arrow. I have a Parker Bow and shoot Gold Tip Arrows, I am using a wisker biscuit and a good quality sight (trophy hunter was my choice, but there are man great sights) I like a short release, small stabilizer and I have long been a 3 bladded 100 gr. muzzy fan.

My biggest advice would be this. Don't get caught up in the arrow speed game. 250-325 fps, matters not, a deer can still duck or jump the string. Look for a quite bow that feels good, one that is forgiving and you'll get the most for your money. I would be very careful about buying used equipment as you never know how well the previous owner took care of his or her equipment. Hope this helps, Welcome Back into the world of Archery, Phil

carl milks
05-23-2007, 10:55 PM
NY- best advice is see a pro- they can set you up as cheaply as you need. I'm from the "old school", been bow hunting for 40 yrs. I was taught to shoot by local archery league pros. Made the switch from longbow, recurve then to compound. Raising 4 daughters did'nt leave much for purchasing power, so I bought a Bear Whitetail II @ K-Mart, 70 lbs, dual cam. I don't like or use a release-just could'nt get used to one, paid $125 for the bow back then, been using aluminum arrows when I finally could afford them & still use them. That bow served me WELL for some 15 yrs before a limb finally showed a faint crack, then I retired it. My latest bow of 4yrs old is a Bear, 65 lbs "energy wheel". It shoots very well and was bough at K-Mart as well for around $130. I guess what I'm saying is: that deer don't care what it's shot with, as long as you can put the arrow in the right place, you'll score. You don't have to get into "the fastest bow made" syndrome or need to get all the fancy bells and whistles. Get what you can afford, learn to shoot it well and you'll be OK.

05-24-2007, 08:23 AM
Str8 Shooter.....

Good advice comes from those who have BT/DT, not just from a pro shop...so ask questions of anyone willing to talk. Not too hard to weigh the worth of the answers recieved.

500 won't buy much into the latest and greatest these days but as noted you don't have to go that route if you don't want to....

Never have seen an Easton xx78 shaft loose its spine....I've several in my quiver now that have easily seen 50 to 60 shots daily and two or three of those have sluiced more than a couple three deer each.

The best tunin' and the most deer killinest broadhead I've ever had privilage to use is the 90 grain 4 blade muzzy..........Muzzy or bust.

You are in Rochester....take a drive down 390 and Rt. 36 to Steuben County, get on I-86 and go west to the Belmont Exit in Allegany County, turn towards Belmont. Just across the overpass bridge take a right at the Truck Stop and look for Belmont Archery on the left...not too far down from the truck stop.

Mike will fix you up right proper, he's Good People.............................

05-25-2007, 04:38 AM
Another good source for used equipment would be E-bay. Find out your draw length and go from there. Once you get it a local shop like Tall Tales in Russell can then set it up to your needs. My brother bought his Hoyt off E-bay and got a smokin deal on it. He got it set up and has since killed 3 deer with it. I am currently looking at G Loomis fly rods on there. Maybe buy the blank and have the rest custom built if the price is right. I have bought may items on there and have never had a bad experience. I can almost bet that you can find the exact bow you want on E-Bay.

05-28-2007, 02:30 PM
Rob Iam sure you can find a good bow for the money you have .Most of todays bows come with lots of let off . I think You could get away with 50 pound bow . Theese new bows are nothing like recurves . lots of kinnectic energy from theese new compounds . Go to a proshop and shoot asmany bows in your price range you can . Shoot the long ones and the short ones see which one you like most . .I switched to carbon arrows last year . It was getting hard to find the right size alluminums without ordering them .