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09-15-2006, 05:57 PM
Smitten with Salmon
written Sept. 14, 2006

Here it is, two weeks into September, and the King salmon are starting to move into Oak Orchard Creek. The first night that I noticed them, the sound of them jumping out of the water was like music to my ears. It's funny, I look forward to the salmon run, but I never realized how MUCH that I looked forward to it until I heard that first salmon's body slam back into the water. There is a distinct sound to a salmon jump, compared to a bass or a carp. There is a more majestic tone to the splash.... or maybe, just maybe, I am smitten with salmon.

I heard the first crash of a salmon about two weeks ago. It was getting close to dusk, and they started jumping. Here it is, two weeks later, and I went salmon fishing today. Now mind you, I didn't catch one, but I am already planning to hit the rocks again tomorrow. The thing that really got me pumped for this year's run, was watching a man catch a salmon this week at Point Breeze. There is something about seeing that beady eye and HUGE mouth of a salmon that gets the heart racing and the urge to fish for them. Hmmm... maybe it's something like the same drive that a salmon get to leave the lake and find their birthplace.

As I said, I went salmon fishing today. The weather was perfect for salmon fishing. It was in the high 50s low 60s, raining, but not too hard. I donned a turtleneck, pantyhose, my waders, thick socks, my wading boots, my fishing vest, a sweater and a rain jacket. Oh, and my fishing hat. I was plenty warm, never overheated, and just plain enjoyed the day. I didn't succeed in catching any salmon today, but I did catch two species of fish that I had never caught before. The first one was a 10 - 12 inch White bass... some call them white perch, or silver bass. The other fish that I caught was actually as exciting as catching a salmon to me. I caught my first steelhead a.k.a. rainbow trout. It was about 24 inches long and went, I estimate, about 5 pounds or so. Sadly, it was camera shy, and flipped back into the water before I could get a picture.

white bass caught today

On my way to the Point, I stopped at a local tackle shop called Orleans Outdoors. As soon as I walked in, Ron, the man working there, says, "Hey, aren't you FisherMOM?" I was surprised and said yes. (Well, mostly because, I am!) He said he had seen a picture that I had posted on his website of the gentleman that had caught the salmon earlier this week. He joked and said that I need to get a picture of ME on there with a salmon. I told him that was why I was in the area today. To try for that picture. I also needed some more spoons in case I had any break offs.

He didn't have the color that I wanted, and he opened a whole new dimension of fishing for me. Making my own spoons with stickers. Ron put together a Green on glow Krocodile spoon for me. I have named it the Greenbone Krocodile. I didn't catch anything on it, but will try again. I caught fish on 3/4 oz. green K.O. Wobblers and a 3/4 oz. blue and silver Krocodile.

a picture of my "Greenbone Krocodile spoon"

So... This was my day today.

I fished from about 10am until 12:30pm. I will head back tomorrow, weather and conditions permitting, and see if I can get on the scoreboard.

For now, it's Salmon - 2 FisherMOM - 0.

09-15-2006, 08:55 PM
Still sounds like a nice day. Nice Bass!
I thought a Steelhead was a Lake Trout. Never caught one, thatís why Iím asking.

09-15-2006, 09:32 PM
yep... a steelhead is a rainbow trout that has gone off into the lake and become mighty big. I was told today, that a steelhead is more sleek and bullet shaped whereas a rainbow is more trout shaped and full. So now I wonder.. what the heck did I catch? was it a steelhead or a rainbow trout? I guess we will never know.