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44 MAG
09-26-2007, 06:12 PM
Found this while reading the new digest.
Saw it several times, several different locations in the digest.

This is the first place that I saw it.
Page 7 , Updates, Quote " All hunters and spotlighters who have a License to Carry Firearms Permit can now carry firearms, but only those authorized by the permit, which are definedin Title 18, Section 6102 of the Crimes Code.
I don't understand the next part, "Most Sporting Arms are not authorized.
We can now carry while bow hunting.
Hunting in bear country this is welcomed news and long overdue.
Just need a little explaination of authorized firearms.

Where do I find this Crimes Code?

There is nothing on my Permit that says what firearms it applies to.

09-27-2007, 08:30 AM
PA or NY?

In PA, we quit putting a specific firearm on the permit. We are allowed to carry ANY of our guns with a carry permit.

However, spotlighting will still be a judgement call. It would be reasonable to assume that we would NOT carry a typical "sporting arm" while spotlighting. Stick with your pistol, you will be OK.

Note how "sporting arm" my not be defined in the summary book. It may not be defined in the articles of law. So, if you are cited, a judge will decide. Your justice will be directly proportional to your expedatures.

You may legally be allowed to carry your rifle for protection. I don't think I would push it while spotlighting.

In PA you will eventually find a link to the articles from the Game Comm page. I believe there are two of them for PA.

44 MAG
09-27-2007, 06:25 PM

Been on several web sites.

Others have posted same question and everybody has a different answer.

Looks like the PGC has a catch 22 on their hands.

I wonder what answer they would give me if I called them?

09-28-2007, 08:22 AM
These "catch 22s" are very common. It is quite obvious to we that read the published information that the ambiguities are blatant. How could they not look at what they wrote and understand they have created a trap? Well, I feel these folks are dumb like a fox. They leave these open to interpretataion purposely.

My experience with game and fish law enforcement is that you do not usually see a guy getting busted for some blatant violation like shooting from a vehicle. You find them getting tripped up the the vague language like this instance.


Here are the links to the actual written laws.

You might also try "reverse engineering" this definition. Look in the manual to see what firearms are LEGAL to hunt deer with. Then DO NOT take anything that fits any of those descriptions while spotlighting.

I tracked the CRIMES CODES once through THE PENNSYLVANIA PAGE. The page that relates to our state government.