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10-02-2007, 07:29 AM
Well, I didn't see a single thing on Sat. That is thanks to some idiot that decided to wait until 6:20am to walk into the woods. He then decided to climb a tree within 50 yards of me, despite the constant flashing of my light in his direction. However, I was still trying to be optimistic, the wind was perfect and where I expected the deer to be coming from (around 8am) they would pass by me frist coming out of the hollow. So, I tried to forget that he was even there.

But then....at 8:05am he decides that he has had enough and starts to climb down out of the tree. I have never heard someone make that much noise using a climbing stand. I was soooo mad. And then, to top it off, as he started walking out the trail, his cell phone rings and the guy actually drops his stand so that he can pick up and stand there having a conversation. I tried to get his attention without making too much MORE noise, but he was too busy talking.

I don't recall ever being more mad while on stand. I just can't beleive that some "hunters" are so inconsiderate. I guess it's my own fault. I know that 90% of the hunters today are lazy and I should have found a spot in a little deeper. I doubt I'll see anyone again, as I later found some nice hollows about a mile or so in and off any well used (people) trails.

I was still glad to be out, but I look forward to not seeing any other people from my new spots!!

10-02-2007, 04:40 PM
I absolutely hate hunters like that, and it's a real shame that the jerk ruined your day, but it sounds like you know what to do by going further into the woods. It seems like atleast once a year I have some ass like that walk right thru my posted property. Last year during gun season I had a jerk walk right thru the spot I was hunting on the last day of the season, he looked right at me and just kept walking instead of turning and heading the other way like a considerate hunter would do. I was so mad I waited till he got out of site, I climbed out of my stand and shot the ground, I figured if he was gonna make it so no deer were gonna come towards me I sure as hell was gonna make sure they were'nt going towards him. :evil:

Bill J
10-02-2007, 09:10 PM

I climbed out of my stand and shot the ground, I figured if he was gonna make it so no deer were gonna come towards me I sure as hell was gonna make sure they were'nt going towards him.

You know Jeremiah that in my more than 50 years of hunting I have had deer working toward me or feeding were I could see them, when someone near-by would take a shot at something and the deer that I was watching would just stop, look and stand for awhile then continue what they were doing. A shot is heard so quick that I feel they have no idea what direction it came from. By standing still and checking things out and seeing nothing, smelling nothing they will continue on their way doing what they were doing when they feel there is no danger. I understand what you were thinking but the results you wanted may not have happened as planned.

One more thing about him getting up and leaving and you felt he chased all the deer away. In my younger days we did a lot of driving for deer and we always left one watcher on the back side of the drive. You can not believe how many times deer would be able to go back through the drivers only to meet his fate by the poster on the back side.

I used to think that way when someone walked right past me and I felt he just messed up my day, until I realized that these jerks by roaming around might kick a deer back my way if I just wait awhile. It has happened. :D

10-03-2007, 04:35 PM
Anything's possible, but I do know he did'nt get anything either. :D