View Full Version : Get A Turkey With A Bow?

carl milks
10-28-2007, 11:05 PM
Well I finally saw some deer during daylite hrs Saturday- at 0730, a small 6 pt came walking thru-passed on him, then I saw some turks scratching about 100 yds off. I had my mouthcall so I talked to them a bit- there were seven birds. A jake just started going bonkers- yelping, clucking, you name it he did it!!! Then he started right at me, with the other 6-all longbeards started following him!!! The jake was no more than 15 ft from me & still yacking. The biggest tom in the bunch, estimated beard @ 10-11", started strutting!!!! He was all fanned out, his head turned bright white-just like in springtime!!! I've had gobbles before in fall, but never strutting. The big boy finally came within range-he was about 15 yds. I slowly drew back & got away with it. I held on him and released- you talk about fast- he was off the ground before the arrow got there!!!! They all flew up into nearby trees and just stood there on limbs looking around. Thought I was gonna get my first turk with a bow. Would have been easy shotgunning. After they left, I climbed down and went home & got shotgun. On way back up, I ran into the flock of hens & little ones-broke 'em up and that was the last I saw them. The wind was blowing so hard I think they got blown over the hill. While sitting on the ground, I had 3 does walk within 10 feet of me- NO BOW-had the shotgun!!! Great day in the woods!!!!

Bill J
10-28-2007, 11:56 PM
Great story Carl......seems to happen all the time have bow, Turks come around, have shotgun, Deer come around. :crybaby: #-o :lol:

10-29-2007, 05:52 AM
Yep those turkeys are quick . I have missed a few with the bow . I learned my lesson a few years ago about going and getting the gun . Cant shoot deer with a shotgun during archery season . had a really big buck come by one year with gun in hand . :twisted: