Grizzly Gary
01-31-2008, 06:26 PM
Dear Friends,

This page is set up to share and discuss topics of a wide variety. I invite you all to enjoy this opportunity.

I understand that some topics result in spirited discussions. The sharing of ones passion is welcome here as long as certain rules are followed.

1. No profanity

2. No personal attacks

3. No posts intended to insult, offend or start an argument.

It has been my policy to not lock topics or delete threads. I & our moderators will continue to let the conversation flow as long as the rules are adhered to.

We will be agressive when it comes to those who break the rules. A warning will be given and if the problem persists the offender will be banned.

This is a place I want our visitors to feel welcome and at home.

Let us work together to grow the sports of fishing and hunting. Assist those who ask questions. Support our fellow outdoorsmen/women in any way we can.

Thank you all for registering and visiting here.