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10-15-2006, 08:58 PM
Took the trip to the Rangely/Androscoggin River section of Maine 10/1-10/5.Fished the Androscoggin for SM with a guide--2 of us only caught 6 fish all day :o :all from 2lbs to 4.5lbs.
That's the "bad" news--the good news is that the river is beautiful and the fishing when it's right can be fantastic(so I heard from the locals).

We fished several streams we had fished in the Spring--fish were in their Fall Splendor--but #s were way down compared to the Spring trip, except the one day we fished a large pond.

We fished from a 12 ft PanYan Cartopper(a wooden boat from the 1950s)The fishing was unreal---30-40 brokies each all on #14 Dark Brown Humpys.Fish were all 7-12"

There was a secondary road above this pond and the Fall scenery was absolutely breath taking on this bright clear October day.About a dozen cars stoppped over the 6 hours we fished----- to take pictures of us fishng fom this neat wooden boat with the Fall foliage as a backdrop.

I joked to my friend Don that we shouldn't be surprisd to find our pictures on some funeral home calendar some day :wink:

Planning a trip to fish the Androscoggin for SM a few days in Spring 2007,followed up by a 3 day trip for trout in the Rangely Area.

All in all ,a vg trip.

"when I'm not AFISHN,I'm a huntin'"

Grizzly Gary
10-17-2006, 11:33 AM
Sounds like a real neat trip. Combine multiple species angling with beautiful scenery and you got one great trip. Man I wish I had the time and resources to fish & hunt all of these type of places.

Thanks for the description of a new place to dream of fishing Afisin!

Grizzly Gary