Grizzly Gary
10-18-2006, 06:40 PM
Now that the big waters of Lake Erie fishing is over I would be interested in hearing all who fished it opinions. How was your year? What do you forecast the bite will be for 2007?

I am talking all species here. Walleye, Perch, Steelhead, Browns and of coure eyedoktrs favorite Sheepshead.

Grizzly Gary

10-18-2006, 09:46 PM
Now that the big waters of Lake Erie fishing is over I would be interested in hearing all who fished it opinions. How was your year? What do you forecast the bite will be for 2007?

I am talking all species here. Walleye, Perch, Steelhead, Browns and of coure eyedoktrs favorite Sheepshead.

Grizzly Gary

The bite is not overjust nobody fishin. Last I heard less than 2 weeks ago the bite was hot and heavy for walleye in 25'!!!

I pretty much called an end to my season when my campground shut down but there are plenty of resident walleye to be caught. Alot of people mistakenly think these fish are all migratory and are gone back to Ohio.

For me this season...

I intended on keeping a log of catch but the bite was so awesome I was doing to much catching to do much writing. This was a year when it was hard to do much wrong. Big walleye but lots of smaller ones. I never caught a brown on Erie until this season and boxed 3 along with steelies and lakers. Very little time was directed to them, think they could have came in good numbers if a little more time put toward that. DEC reported LARGE numbers of browns. Fair number of steelies 7-12# along with a laker over 22#!

NOW for what we didnt catch many of...sheepshead!!! WOW a good day on Erie is low sheepshead hookups and NO Bass!

The next 6-8 years on Erie are going to be totally incredible!!!

10-18-2006, 11:43 PM

I'm patiently awaiting the invite....from somebody..... for next year to chase down some 'Eyes.

Heard one time they pretty good eatin'..............................(grin)

Grizzly Gary
10-19-2006, 09:29 AM
That they are WildsWalker, that they are. 25 ft. of water is easy fishing Gilligan. I think less fish this time of year due to the distraction of hunting & steelheading. Too many seasons and not enough time!

Grizzly Gary

Sluggo / NY
10-20-2006, 07:53 AM
We only made three trips out to the eastern basin this year (3-4 days each) and had more than our share of "blow" days, but I totally agree with Gilligan.. the fishing was fantastic! I don't do the research or have the connections he has, so I can just hope he's correct about the future fishing out there. It has gotten increasingly better over the past few years, so I just hope the trend continues. Of the trips we made out there.. I believe we were short of our limit only once.. and that was a day shortened by Mother Nature! Time to start hitting my local river now! Hey Fred..Ready for a Road Trip? Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

Old School Dave
10-20-2006, 09:19 AM
The fishing for us out of Ashtabula-Conneaut was phenomenal with 12 fish limits every trip with eyes ranging in the 18-23" and at least 1 in the 23-25". The trips were very short run with limits coming in 1-2 hours. Never used much fuel as they could be caught within 3 miles from shore. Small spoons ( 2 3/8" ) caught the bulk with willow leaf harnesses and meat normally getting the bigger fish.
We should be good in our neck of the woods for a few more years since the year classes of fish caught were 2002-2004 with alot of smaller fish( 15-16") caught from the supposedly poor hatch of 2005.Just have to wait and see what shakes out in a couple of years. Last year and this year was way better that the 90's over here when we had no size limit and were allowed10 fish a day.
Never ventured out to the deeper water to search for hogs,we we well satisfied just getting the good eaters.
Steelhead fishing was great in Sept and all through this month for those who wanted those nasty things,to me the just screw up your walleye fishing. :twisted:
Right now the steelhead are stacked up like cord wood awaitng to run the rivers and creeks with a good number already in. I wish the state would lighten up stocking them as I tend to lose all my good spoons to those silver bullets. :oops:

carl milks
10-21-2006, 12:28 PM
Only had time and chance to get out 3 times this year- all excellent 'eye trips!!! Even with the seemingly above normal winds this year, it was rough but GOOD!!! We too noticed the lack of BAAAA fish (sheepsheads)-did'nt really miss them nor the white perch. I really did'nt pay attention, but now that I think of it, we did'nt get any bass this year- anyone know what's with that? No browns and only a couple steelies, of course we were'nt fishing for them either, but we've always caught bass.

10-23-2006, 01:51 PM
Caught my share of BIG sheeps this year. Did a lot of shallow water fishing in less that 30 fow. Always got the eyes and did not have to venture out to the big water. This is the first year in a "long time" that Mellissa and I have been able to stay shallow. Not that we did't make the trip out to deep water but preferred to stay shallow. A lot of folks went out to search for the big ones but few people knew that they were also shallow.
The perch were spotty and if you managed to get above them you could limit out in a very short time. Many people were catching smaller fish and throwing them back in hopes for bigger ones. Of course when coming out of deep water.. they do not survive and the Gulls get them. The PA Fish now says, if you catch it... its yours and if you wish to feed your day limit to the gulls then you have fewer to take home. Every perch that you catch goes toward your day limit....(published in the ERIE TIMES NEWS) .unless you can prove that it can be released and SURVIVE. I have never seen a perch come out of 50-70 foot of water and survive. Soooo if you throw back that 8-9 incher, it goes toward your day limit. That it why they changed the creel limits to "no Size" and 30 per day on Lake Erie from the old 8" and 20 per day. Too many people killing many fish and not taking them home. Like to see them prove the amount of fish that you caught.. but they do make the rules.

As for the bass. They seemed to travel to deeper water very early in the season. I do not fish for them but have managed to get some big ones in deeper water(30-50) very early in the season while looking for the perch.

Gilligan is right about the Eyes. There are a few diehards that are still after them just east of the chanel off Erie. From what I have heard, if you can get out there, they are on the feed bag. My boat is up for the winter and these old bones can not take that kind of cold weather torture. In years past, if you can get out on Erie, I have gotten the Eyes well into November.

This year on Erie was the greatest in many, many for all kinds of species. LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT YEARS SEASON.