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written November 7th, 2006

Today was a beautiful fall day. Had I not had an appointment this morning (that actually I had canceled and didn't mark it off my calendar) I'd have waded for steelheads with my flyrod. But seeing as I didn't get to start fishing until noon, I opted to go local and go for bass. I also chose to use my ultralight rods. Nothing like catching a bass on those small rod and reels.

I chose to fish an area that I seldom fish. I went to a bridge on Black Creek near Churchville Park, in Churchville, and fished near that. The Canadian geese were in the creek, gathering in flocks, gabbing away at each other. There was very little wind and the creek had a mirror quality to it.


The serenity to a day's fishing in the fall, in the cool still air, is hard to beat. No bugs to wrestle, no heat index to complain about, it was quite enjoyable. It makes me realize just how good it can be to your soul, and mine has been quite tattered these days. I really needed this quiet fishing time and it would be nice to be able to do it more often. Be it only for 2 hours, it's wonderful to escape life for a while. And this is what I did... escaped.

The creek has subsided and was not so monstrous anymore after all the recent rain and snow. For the past month, New York was pummeled with water in it's many forms. Off hand, I don't know how much we received, but I can tell you that it put a damper on the creek fishing all over New York State. Right at the peak of the salmon runs, the creeks were blown. Now that the creeks have recuperated, the steelheads and browns are running. That will be my next adventure, hopefully. But, in this creek, there are no steelheads or browns, just bass, pike, crappie, bluegills, catfish and carp.

The bass is what brought me here today. I tied on a size 4 silver and yellow fly Panther Martin inline spinner and went fishing. I also tried some new weights that I received from a recent online fishing competition at FishingFinatics.com. They're called Parasite Clips and are most incredible. You slip this weight on your line then on the hook after you put the first part of the soft plastic on. This weight helps to keep the worm on the hook after a bite. I can't tell you how many soft plastics I have lost due to a bass shaking it's head. Now mind you, I did not get to find out how well they actually work, but it is an impressive piece of tackle and can't wait to catch a bass while using one.


So here I am, I have 2 fishing rods going, one with a Micromunch Tackle Stickbait, and one with an inline spinner. Cast, cast… retrieve, retrieve. I tried a buzzbait and a Gizz 4 Shad crankbait also. Nothing. Not even a tap. I decided to try the other side of the bridge, so off I went. I was intrigued more by this side than the first. Here I had deeper water, some cattails, and plenty of big rocks. I tossed the stickbait in and let it sit. I kept my foot on the rod just in case I got a bite. Last thing I wanted to do was chase a fishing rod into the water (been there, done that). The lure that I started with on the other rod, was the inline spinner. I figure, start small and work my way up. I was desperate. Even a 6-inch smallmouth bass would make me happy at this point.

I casted up past the cattails and felt a bump. Not sure if it was weeds, a rock or a fish. So I casted again up there and I felt the bump again but this time, there was movement on the other end of the line, I had a fish on. From where I was standing, I couldn't see the fish yet, so I kept reeling and kept listening to the drag slip a little with each reel. It didn't feel like a big fish yet, but that was because it couldn't see me either. Then I saw it.Holy bejeebers, I am fishing with an ultralight rod and 4 pound test, no steel leaders, and have hooked into a two-foot northern pike. Mind you, I am standing on my other rod butt. As soon as the fish sees me it tears off into deeper water. What to do, I haven't even brought my net, no gloves, just me and a pike. Honestly, I was shocked to have a hookset. I have never gotten a hookset on a pike with such a small lure before; usually, they let go of the lure. After a minute or so, I get the fish to shore. As I am bringing it up into shallow water, my rod breaks. Now, have you seen in the movies, when something shocking like this happens, how the camera ZOOMS IN on whatever it is? Well this was the feeling I had. The only thing that I could see, was my favorite ultralight, broken about a foot down from the tip. My jaw dropped, but had no time to be sad, I still had a fish on… for another couple seconds.

At this point, the fish is in shallow water, about a foot from shore, when the line breaks at the lure. Another ZOOM and jaw drop moment. (and some choice words) No matter; desperate times, call for desperate measures… I reached in and grabbed that fish. No way after all of this destruction, is it getting away without a picture and with my lure! (that I lost later that day.)


I felt quite triumphant despite my losses. I plan to keep my fishing rod and mount it as the one that did NOT get away. As for the pike, I safely returned it to the creek after a few snapshots.


Lesson learned for today….

ALWAYS take your net when fishing pike waters,
you just never know.


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Grizzly Gary
11-08-2006, 07:10 PM
Great story FisherMOM! Loved the pics too! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Grizzly Gary