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01-10-2007, 06:40 PM
A friend of mine and a friend of the fishing world Mr Gary Gray for health issues has made his official retirement from Professional Walleye fishing known.

Gary is arguably the best of the pros to fish the circuit. Before limiting his tournaments several years back he was one of the leading money winners in the sport. Before becoming part of the PWT Gary and his partner set nearly every record on the books for the MWC. I think they won 10 team titles in an 11 year period! Gary fished the PWT since its inception and if not mistaken qualified to every championship. In 2001 Gary won the Angler of the Year award.

In 2001 I signed up to fish as an amateur for the PWT Dunkirk event. I looked through most of the bio's of the pros and my wish list of pros I wanted to meet and fish with was headed by Gary. I nearly hit the floor when several months prior I got an invite from him to prefish for 4 days! In 2003 when the PWT returned I again prefished with Gary.

Besides being a great fisherman and an awesome big water troller I learned a few more things about him. Gary was a career military man - retired. A great friend of our troops, when my son went to Iraq in 2004 he offered to help buying GPS, etc. Gary loved seeing kids involved in fishing. He bought thousands of $ worth of rods and reels and gave them away to kids in his community. Gary was passionate about fishing ethics. Nearly every conversation we had it came up. Winning never took priority to playing the game right.

Please remember Gary in your prayers, Thanks.

Linda O
01-11-2007, 12:11 PM
Know the name, but I've never met the man. Seems from your words those who have should take a page from his book. Those are some strong qualities you speak of this gentlemen's character. Seems you are blessed to have him on your list. I wish him well.
Thanks for the info. and keep us updated, but respect Gary's privacy (I know you would) please.
Linda O