Grizzly Gary
02-01-2007, 09:14 PM
How many have paid for a Charter or guided fishing trip? Did you feel as though it was worth the money at the end of the day? Where did you go & what did you fish for?

Please share your experiences & reccomendations with us.

Grizzly Gary

02-01-2007, 11:32 PM
I've always got my moneys worth but I have heard some horror stories.

02-02-2007, 01:41 AM
Griz, Went out of Oclcott,N.Y. with Capt.Vince on the Thrillseeker last August and we are booked for May 5th of this year to go again.We fished for King Chinooks last fall and also took some nice steelies.This spring we want to also target some of those big Ontario browns.I can't say enough about the guide's knowledge{he's a local guy} and professionalism,equitment,boat and mate.We had terrible weather conditions and i know from previous charter captains that we probably wouldn't have gone out.The water was fine but the fog was bad.We all got our limits and the local accomadations were great.We paid 500.00 {four of us} for the charter.Can't wait for May!!! :D

Bryan Hoffner
02-02-2007, 05:56 AM
Haven't ever went on a charter. Usely have enough buddies that i can suck up through the summer that have the better boat to get on Erie for the eyes. With the guys I go with I always get my moneies worth and all i pay for is gas and the good time on my end. If the fishing stays the way it was last year my boat will be there. I have seen numerous days that guys are out there in less than what I own.

02-06-2007, 06:19 PM
Some years back I wanted to fish with my son where I was getting to relax and visit and not run the show. We went out of Buc-A-Roo Charters out of Oak Orchard also fished with Capt Roy Brown on Oneida. Both were highly recommended and didnt dissapoint.

Some things to help you pick a charter/guide, ask the right questions...

1. Most myself included request a deposit to hold your day. Understand how that deposit/refunds is handled. Most will refund deposits unless the problem is on your end. Some may not rather forcing you to rebook.

2. Is your capt/guide certified and insured. Alot of fly by nights that dont go by the rules...rules put in place with the clients safety in mind.

3. Is the boat USCG inspected? Even though many Captains licenses do not require a boat inspection the reputable ones still have it done making sure all safety issues are up to snuff. Look for the USCG Auxilary inspection sticker on port side of windshield and that it is current.

4. Ask about length of trip and how long of a boat ride it is to fish. If you book a trip that is 6 hours dock to dock with a 1.5 hour run to fish you will only be fishing 3 hours! Personally, I leave the dock with customers at preset time and keep them fishing until the time is up. I dont charge you for the boat ride both ways.

Grizzly Gary
02-07-2007, 05:33 PM
Excellent advice Gilligan. I have felt that all of the Charters I have fished have been well worth the money. They can put you right on the fish cause they fish it for a living. You can get 4 folks to join you so the cost is low. No fuss. No muss. Just reel in fish and then go home & eat'um.

If any here are interested we have many charters listed on our Links Page which you can reach via the Home Page. Just click that cute cartoon character of me up in the left hand corner and you will go right to the Home Page.

Then you can also download the shows with www.castawaycharters.net or www.alleghenyguideservice.com or www.fortunecharters.com or www.fishingwithkeith.com from our Archived Shows Page and listen to them tell of their fishing exploits in their own words.

I have fished with each & every one and can tell you they are all top notch!

Grizzly Gary