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02-12-2007, 12:50 AM
This is just a post about ice pike in Sparty{Clear Lake} The ice is about 8 inches thick with 3-4 inches of snow on top.There are some slushy areas from places that had alot of snow on it while the air was really cold.The wind blew the snow off and now it will freeze when the cold hits it again.Looks like single digits Wed and Thurs.Doesn't really matter where you fish there.Alot of people don't like to walk very far and thats fine. I think you're more likely to catch a huge largemouth bass is you're fishing closer to town.S&S Sports does have some bait but they don't open till 9am on Sat.They haven't gotten any large bait yet and i don't know if they are selling golden shiners like Pages or what they have available.I suggest you take your bait with you when you go there.6 of us fished from 8am-2 pm and had 67 flags,caught 39 pike,17 were legal{24"} biggest one was 29.5 inches/4.5 pounds.We only used tip-ups and fished the minnows right under the ice.The water is quite shallow in most spots.Probably most places were around 4-6 feet deep.Good luck! :)

Mighty Mike
02-17-2007, 11:26 AM
now that sounds like a great day on the ice. i am not a big fan of those slimy snake fish but through the ice they are fun. that many in one day had to be fun.


Grizzly Gary
02-18-2007, 08:00 PM
Sure sounds like a place I would have loved to have been today! One nice Pike thru the ice at Kinzua. A total of 4 flags. Sure makes for a long day on the hard water!

Grizzly Gary

02-19-2007, 12:41 AM
Hey! Hit Sparty again with 12 buddies and 5 snowball throwin kids! ha! We landed 53 pike and i don't know how many flags we had or fish we lost.Almost lost a hand rod except that it was tied to a minnow bucket.I thought the bucket was going to get dragged down the hole.Nothing huge but caught 37 keepers if we wanted them.I think every one took home one or 2.had several in the 27-29 inch range that was 4-5 pounders.Winter pike are good eating and if you know how to fillet out the "Y" bones, its not a big deal.We've done it for years.Had the grill going and cooked hot dogs and 4 flavors of deer sausage and deer pepperoni.Great day,little wind for once and also caught a 20 inch largemouth bass.Some places had 4 inches of that slushy crap that wasn't alot of fun.Ice was 10 inches of good stuff.Hit the bay in Erie on Sunday for panfish,see that forum for those results. 8)

Grizzly Gary
02-19-2007, 09:32 PM
Listen Mad Dog! Why don't I ever get invited to these Pike fishing souries???

I go to Kinzua and freeze my nuggets off for one 26-27 inch Pike and you guys are having Mardi Gras on the ice but don't invite the Grizzled One! What's up with that?!?! :cry:

Glad to hear you got kids out there having a good time. That's what it is all about!

Grizzly Gary

P.S. Can I bum 1 or 2 of them Pike fillets? :lol: :lol:

02-19-2007, 11:34 PM
Grizz, Hey, i told you when i saw you last week during our show that we go almost every Sat. on the ice to Sparty and that you should come but you said something about Kinzua or whatever so i never thought anymore about it.I hate fishing up there in the winter and refuse to go.Never caught much there but mud dogs anyway.I'd rather go catch a bunch of little fish as to catch nothing up there.We plan to hit Sparty again and i'll give ya a call.I think we're headed back to Presque Isle with my son and some of his friends.I don't have a hut so i have to go by their rules but i'm sure we'll hit Sparty the following Sat. if yer interested.Yeah, i'll let you "borrow" a few pike fillets.As a matter of fact,i have a oil change and service call on my truck@ Shults on Friday am @8 am.Are you going to be there??? Let me know and i'll bring some with me.. :D :lol:

Grizzly Gary
02-24-2007, 11:59 AM
Sorry Mad Dog I just read your post. I was not around yesterday. Darn! I missed a fine Pike fillet dinner! Always seems to be the way with me. Wrong place at the wrong time.

Grizzly Gary

02-26-2007, 12:06 AM
Gary, you didn't miss out on a fresh pike dinner.I have it saved in my freezer with your name on it plus, my secret beer batter recipe is in there too! Ha! Besides, i have to come back to Shults next week to have a new C.D. player installed in my truck since the old one doesn't like to give the c.d.'s back! Anyway, i even went as fas as to try to find you at the Mall where you guys had the trucks and cars.I guess i don't know where to post these reports but i'll do the pike here since its toothy critters we're talking about.I didn't fish Sparty this weekend but 3 of my buddies did.They reported that the surface was slushy in spots but good 10 inches of ice.They had 53 flags,caught 41 fish and 29 were legal.Biggest one was 29.5 inches,6.1 lbs. Don't know what the plan is for this weekend since i plan to go to the Erie Sport show and fish the bay again with my oldest son.See my report on Presque Isle ice fishing on the panfish site.. I would like to take you down there before the season closes though if we can make our schedules jive!! Good luck to all! :headbang:

Grizzly Gary
03-01-2007, 12:43 PM
Man i'd love to fish somewhere and have 50 flags in a day! Thanks for the reports Mad Dog.

Thanks also for saving those Pike Fillets for me! Can't wait to taste them!

Grizzly Gary