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South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek
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Thread: South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek

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    Default South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek

    Today we hit the South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek at Factoryville, PA (behind Keystone College). The creek was crowded with about 8 other anglers.

    Anglers Footbridge over the "Stinger Run".

    The Dirtbag Flyfishing Posse was 4 strong with myself, Todd Carr, Tom Gerzarowski, and Bob Bruns representing!

    The water flows were still up and swift but with a good stain to it. Water temps fluctuated from 43.7 at 1130 to a balmy 45.2 at 1500. The 2 degree change helped the fishing.

    Some action shots: Todd nymphing in the deep

    Todd at the head of the Bridge Pool

    Stoneflies were the ticket of the day. They were big from a size #12 to #14 and the hatch was thick in the afternoon, like fuzzy snowflakes buzzing around you.

    This pic shows 2 stonefly "clinger" nymphs that were about a size #12 and one who has just hatched out of it's nymphal shuck. It is now drying it's wings for a few minutes prior to taking flight.

    Bob nymphing the "Dogleg Turn" next to Rte's 6/11

    Tommy G and Todd sharing tactics on the "Christy Flat".

    Bob and Tom were the lucky (skillful?) anglers of the day. Bob had at least 3 'bows to his nymphs and Tom had 2 fiesty 'bows. However, Todd and I were dedicatedly consistent with a big fat goose egg.

    However, not all was lost... we did have a very good time with beautiful scenery, warm weather, good friends, and tasty eats at "Da Freez" in Tunkhannock.
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    nice pics. looks like a good strech of water. there was a good hatch up here yesterday and today and a couple trout rising also.

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    great photos looks like a nice creek

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